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Gold, Silver and Rose color charms show your teams grade level!
Your high school story will be proudly displayed for all your classmates to see.

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Fundraising for Extracurricular Programs

We have created a high school/organization fundraising system that uses a customized key chain/bag tag with charm attachments for the individual sports/clubs as a means of raising money for each of the extracurricular activities.

Our products come packaged in 2 different sized cards and are designed to sell product to the public at either $5.00 or $10.00. Each product will generate a minimum of 50% profit for the school/organization. The standardized pricing allows for a minimal amount of training for the end user and also avoids the problem of running out of change at your store/event.

4Heros’ can provide specially designed point of purchase displays, ready to be customized for your school/organization. Custom signage allows your customers to know that you are receiving (at least) 50% of the purchase price for your organization sales.
Our displays are designed to be portable and work at a tournament entrance table, school spirit store, or any other type of makeshift setup. We understand that to be effective at fundraising with products like this you need to be portable. Being portable means you can sell your customized products whenever and wherever your supporters are gathered.

Need more products to sell? To replenish your inventory of any item, visit our online store and place your order. If you want to make a custom charm, just contact us at 1-888-727-5787 or email us a picture or a description of what you are looking for.